How To Turn Average Physical Abilities Into Astonishing Results

With the same amount of time you are spending on current fitness!

Say Goodbye To Being Ordinary! When You Can Be Different.

After training and meeting with amazing people over the last three years, we (read our story) have accepted that a fitness program alone rarely motivates people, i.e. most people don’t love fitness for the sake of fitness.

Fitness gives us the opportunity to physically explore and do things we love. It enhances our enjoyment of life and things that truly matter to us – such as travel, play with our children, snowboarding, hiking etc.

If you have come to our web page, you probably already know or heard so often said, about staying active.

Chances are we know that person really well...

We know they’ve woken up every morning for the last 3 years, stared into a mirror and wanted someone else to stare back. This body they’re living in, well, they don’t even recognize it.

We know they’ve tried every fitness program in town to finally look and feel how they do in their dreams. If there was a free class at a yoga studio, 3 sessions with a personal trainer or a great deal at any of the 3 gyms down the street, they’ve done it...just with ZERO results to prove it.

We know they have big dreams that require a body with energy, stamina and strength so they can finally climb mountains, whether they’re figurative or literal. But, getting that body takes action and you gotta know what the first step is to get started.

That’s where Gymnastic Fitness comes in.

Old Ways Won't Open New Doors (2)

What Is Gymnastic Fitness?

“Each one of us has a fire in our hearts for something. It's our goal in life to find it and keep it lit” – Mary Lou Retton, American gymnast.

Amongst high level sports, gymnastics has many inspiring stories which embody some of our values of hard work, persistence and caring. Read this story on Simone Biles.

Gymnastics is a sport practiced by men and women that requires balance, strength, flexibility, agility, coordination, endurance and control. 

So when we take some of these well proven techniques and practice as fitness, it is going to transform our body and capabilities, beyond our wildest dreams.

Why Gymnastic Fitness?

Our approach to physical training is to build a solid foundation that you won’t have trouble creating anything of value – i.e. to do what you love.

We use a 3-step strategy.

. Potential . Practice. Performance

We know you have the Potential to achieve more. With world class techniques by gymnasts, your Practice will be so much more effective to achieve peak Performance in your life.

We don’t promise outcomes “lose x number of pounds”, “have more energy”.

When we execute the process well you will achieve meaningful, desirable outcomes because you will have a fitter, capable body to live the life you want. And you will know when you do a handstand!

New to Gymnastic Fitness And You Want To Give Yourself Time...

It's ok.

“Small daily improvements over time lead to stunning results.” – Robin Sharma

You can start with the Beginners Foundation Classes.

This class is specifically designed with complete beginners in mind. Here you will get acquainted with all the beginning progressions we use in our Foundation classes, with time given for understanding the basic principles of correct form, alignment and terminology.

Basic stretching and mobility drills will also be included and it is expected that after 2-6 months, clients will be able to integrate into our normal Foundation classes.

The fee is $300 for 10 classes - valid for 3 months. Check the class schedule.

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Opt for a trial class. It's $50 per class.

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"I find the beginner foundation course very educational and useful. Besides preparing me physically better to join the foundation course, I also learned more about the GST approach. Zhi Qian is a patient coach, who really ensure we learned the proper technique and posture. The class size is small and we could learn at an optimal pace. I am glad with my decision to join the beginner foundation course."

— Wah Hee

"I am thoroughly enjoying the Beginner's Foundation course. Zhi Qian is a brilliant teacher, gives clear instructions and explains why he is asking us to do the drills and movement exercises. I like that the classes are focused on building core strength, improving wrist flexibility and forearm strength. All functions that will allow me to progress further my practise with confidence."

— Rohit Mistry

"I have done various things for a while now - yoga, pilates, bootcamp, running, even gyrotonics and adult ballet - and have enjoyed and benefited from them. Then I came across Bodytree GST and saw their videos - the strength and agility of the gymnasts and how well they controlled their bodies impressed me greatly. I have since joined their programme and found the beginner foundation classes interesting and helpful. Zhi Qian takes the time to explain the  how and why of the various exercises and corrects us when our alignment or technique is not right. The training involves muscles and movements quite different from those I have been exposed to before. I find myself gradually become stronger and more flexible, especially over the upper body and core,  as Zhi Qian progresses us along. "

— Hwee Ling
"I really look forward to my Beginner Foundation Classes. The training staff are extremely knowledgeable and do a great job in explaining each exercise drill. In return, they demand 100% effort, but I wouldn't want it any other way: The results are starting to show already with my flexibility, strength and technique all improved noticeably after just a couple of months of training. Wish I joined earlier..."  
- Stewart